This page contains the small print! It is important that you read and understand the points here. Please contact us at if you have any questions.


  • Pergamentum Solutions intends its service to be available 24x7x365. While we do all we can to maintain the availability of the Pergamentum Servers and network, there may occasionally be times when our services are unreachable due to circumstances beyond our control.

Domain Registration

  • The fees for domain registration, apply only to registration in the .com, .org or .net domains. Contact us for information about registering .tv or .ws or other domains.
  • Domain registration is done on a per year basis. If you want to keep your domain, it must be reregistered each year. Or, you may also register it initially for a number of years. *Note* that if you let your domain registration lapse, you may find that it is unavailable when you come to reregister it.
  • Should you wish to safeguard your domain name and register it for more than one year with Pergamentum Solutions, the fee is $20 per additional year payable at the time of registration. We will credit your additional registration fees against your yearly hosting cost for each full year we host your site.
  • After the first year, your domain registration fee is included in the yearly fee for each full year we host your site.
  • Should your wish to cancel your domain hosting, we require one full months notice. You must pay for any part of the month your domain is hosted by Pergamentum Solutions. There is no cancellation charge if you no longer want your domain, assuming you have paid at least $20.00, otherwise the fee is $20.00. If however, you wish to move your domain to another site or change the domain registrar for your domain, then the fee is $25.00 plus any domain fees that may be outstanding.
  • Please note that no domain registration fees are refundable in the event of you canceling your contract. Your domain will remain in existence for the full number of years for which you have paid.
  • Even if you no longer want your domain, it is still valid for at least one year from the date at which is was last registered. We will be happy to provide a forwarding service until your domain expires.

Bandwidth Usage

  • There is a bandwidth cap of 5 Gig per month for personal hosting.
  • There is a bandwidth cap of 10 Gig per month for commercial hosting.
  • Extra bandwidth is available for prior puchase. Please email for details.
  • * NO ! * You will not automatically be charged for going one byte over your limit.

Domain Content

  • You are responsible for *all* content of your web site. We reserve the right *unconditionally* to remove your site and cancel your contract should the content violate any state or federal law or render Pergamentum Solutions liable to any action contrary to its interest. Note that we *do not* host adult site or sites that promote homophobic or racial intolerance.

Commercial .ORG Sites

  • We will only register a .org domain name for commercial use if you are a registered charity.

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